Monday, August 30, 2010

U S Stock Market

It appears to me that the best advice would be to sit tight until after November. There is really no reason to get excited about equities between now and then. Maybe no reason even then. If there should be a severe drop before then and you really can not resist, then make sure that your purchases are in the likes of KO, MCD, ABT, CLX, CVX and PG.

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  1. I usually find it rude to ask for advice in an unrelated blog post. Yet, I do hope this captures your attention.
    I have around 30 000$ CAD in the bank, I am 19 and I am just about to start University. Initially, this money would be used to pay my tutition fees for the 3-year program, but I have found out something interesting...
    my RBC saving account gives me around 1.25% annual interest and the Canadian Annual inflation % is 2.44.

    Does this mean I will end up with less money eventually? What can I do in the meantime?

    ps: tuition fees are around 5000 per semester (half a year)